Intimacy means friendship and respect – or does it?

Intimacy means friendship and respect – or does it?

Parker: Some relationships center on a deep emotional tie. Or a loyal friendship. Or something. But most are just two people passing through life enriching or aggravating each other’s lives briefly. Just for one night can’t two people who feel an attraction come together and create something wonderful? And then go back to their lives the next day better for it but never over analyzing it or wanting it to be more than it was? I have. She should too.

Willow: People like Buffy and me assume that intimacy means friendship and respect. People shouldn’t have to ask first if you’re going to be eyeing other prospects tomorrow.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Deze dialoog (gevonden op een site waar je alle scenario’s kunt downloaden, is afkomstig uit Beer Bad uit het 4e seizoen, volgens fans een mindere aflevering uit een minder seizoen (zie Kun je nagaan hoe goed de rest is.


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