Waarom Star Trek Discovery geen Star Trek is en The Orville wel

“I’d argue because Star Trek: Discovery isn’t Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry had a pretty simple rule: the episode had to be *about* something important; and that meant something about morality, or tough choices, or simply being human, and not just about combat or war. Also, the main conflict *wasn’t* between crew members; the crew got along with each other, and worked together. Thus, Star Trek: Discovery fails epically at all of these primary tenants of Star Trek, so the Orville is really the spiritual successor to Star Trek. Another take at it is Star Trek: Discovery is trying to take Star Trek into the action/war/conflict direction to appeal to modern audiences, and The Orville does it by keeping the big picture, big ideas, morality route and just adds some really funny bits (moreso in Season 2)”

En wat voor Star Trek Discovery geldt, geldt ook voor Star Trek Picard.

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