In de ban van het getal (3): Number nine, number nine, number nine

“Nine had always been a significant number for John.

He was born on October 9 and so was his second son, Sean. His mother had lived at number 9; when we met my housenumber had been 18 (the two digits of which add up to 9) and the hospital address Julian was born in was number 126 (again, each digit adds up to 9). Brian Epstein had first heard the Beatles play on the ninth of the month, they had got their first record contract on the ninth and John had met Yoko on the ninth. The number had cropped up in John’s life in numerous other ways, so much so that he wrote three songs around it —”One After 909,” “Revolution 9” and “#9Dream.”

Now he had died on the ninth—an astonishing coincidence by any reckoning.”

Cynthia Lennon, John, pagina 8 en – wat een toeval! – 9 van mijn editie


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